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(日本語) 商品詳細:
1. キューブ: GAN356RS
2. GAN CFOP手順書
3. プラスチックチューニングツール

SKU: 00030601003 /356 RS_ステッカーレス(フルブライト)/6970697961233 Categories: ,

Configuration List:
1. Cube: GAN356 R.
2. GAN’s CFOP Tutorial.
3. Plastic tuning tool.

8 reviews for GAN356 RS

  1. Feliex

    F**king Awesome

  2. kiarash

    Does it contain spare nuts?

  3. Vincent

    The cube is good, for its price for sure.
    I’m only a beginner. The cube took me from 4:57 to 0:48.
    Definitely try.

  4. Derek

    Very good cube for intermediate cubers but a tiny bit unstable

  5. Ivan

    This cube came out on my birthday

  6. Matthew Jeffrey

    I love this cube, but it could do with magnets.

  7. An03

    It’s so good!

  8. Lukas Batema

    Can you get spare nuts for it in aftermarket?

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